Learn Coding From IITians and NITians

Deepak Uniyal

M Tech, IIT Roorkee, Computer Science and Engineering

Sandeep Uniyal

M Tech, NIT Calicut, Computer Science and Engineering

Vipin Uniyal

MBA, IIT Madras

The Easy Concepts is an effort led by young Computer Science Engineers to provide the best possible course content on Computer Science to our aspiring engineers and programmers. The inspiration to this effort is drawn by their own experience and journey to become an Engineer from just being a curious mind into programming. Though Computer Science could not just be summed up into yet programming languages play an important role in how computers interact.

The Easy Concepts strives to ingrain an understanding of how computers work and how a piece of device is capable of doing so much from being a cellphone in your pocket to a big giant machine that runs a piece of software to make things possible. We at The Easy Concepts believe that no matter how big or complex you think computer science or programming is – it always starts with understanding a ‘bit’ of everything. Computer Science & programming is all about those ‘bits’ – luckily and we have just two – 0 and 1.

With that mindset, we at The Easy Concepts envision to educate and develop an understanding of computer science & programming amongst everyone.¬† We have set a vision for ourselves with our #CodingForAll challenge to –

  • Conduct coding workshops in schools and colleges at a minimal cost to help one develop ones understanding.
  • Helping newbies in learning programming or coding.
  • Educating students of the career path they could follow being a coder or programmer.
  • Offering a taste of real computer science around us. Solving real-life problems using the methodology used in developing computer programs.

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